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GreenBirdFlying is the alt folk trio of Cliodhna Quinlan, Mark Murphy and Mandi Frankham. As a trio they perform tuneful original folk music and songs with a hint of strangeness, that fit around many genres including traditional, old time and americana.

GreenBirdFlying have performed in the Dock in Carrick on Shannon several times over the past few years, playing their own music as well as soundtracks to classic silent movies such as Nosferatu and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. They brought the Hunchback of Notre Dame to the Blackrock Film Festival in county Louth in 2019. Cliodhna and Mark met as members of the swing jazz band, The HoneyBees and Mandi joined them last year to complete the trio.

Cliodhna is an accomplished fiddler, has worked and toured with many artists, such as theatre director Mike Scott for several productions and singer Hazel O Connor. She arranged and performed strings on the first album by songwriter and percussionist Ronan O'Snodaigh, "Tiptoe"

Mark, a piano player, multi-instrumentalist and music teacher. He is a long standing music professional having worked with a host of north west based musicians over the years, including "The Honeybees", "The Bughouse Band", "The Bill Stewart Quintet", "Perry Blake" and "Backwater Jack" to name just a few. As a mature student he graduated from Newpark music centre with a degree in jazz performance, He is also the pianist with jazz group The Kobe Trio. Their recent debut album was declared "One of the finds of 2020" on BBC radio Ulster.

Mandi Frankham is a well known established local singer. Her most recent release is 'Frankham and Love', a classic pop and RnB album of original songs featuring some of the finest studio musicians in Ireland. This was named by Tony Clayton-Lea as “one of the best soul albums of the year”.She received an Honours Degree specialising in vocals from BIMM Dublin and studied Traditional Irish music with Mossie Martin in Leitrim.

Cliodhna uses poetry to inspire the musical accompaniment and GreenBirdFlying also collaborate with Sligo Poet Mary Branley and Eithne Hand. Their last collboration with these poets was a very succesful gig in the Hawkswell last november titled Words into Music.


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Examples of Work

A Pinch of Snow in a Black Velvet Glove:

Words Mary Branley, Music Cliodhna Quinlan.
Piano, Mark Murphy.
Violin, Cliodhna Quinlan.
Voice, Mary Branley

Death is Kind:

Words Sara Teasdale, Music Cliodhna Quinlan. Arranged Cliodhna Quinlan and
Mark Murphy
Piano, Mark Murphy.
Violin and Sounds, Cliodhna Quinlan.
Vocals, Mandi Frankham

Look on the Heart:

Words Victor Hugo, Music Cliodhna Quinlan. Arranged by Cliodhna Quinlan
and Mark Murphy. From our soundtrack to 1923 'The HunchBack of Notre Dame' silent film.
Piano Mark Murphy
Violin Cliodhna Quinlan
Vocals Mandi Frankham
at King House before a perfomance of the film.

About the Silent Films

We are a music group that writes and performs scores to Silent films. We have two 'Nosferatu' and 'The HunchBack of Notre Dame' that we have performed many times over the last few years always to the delight of the audience. The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick on Shannon and King House in Boyle have hosted both of these films.

We use piano, violin, sound effects, percussion, voice and flute with a full written and improvised score. We use spoken and sung excerpts from Bram Stoker's book 'Dracula' upon which 'Nosferatu' was based and from Victor Hugo's book 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' was based to add extra context and depth.

Its hard to categorize this music but we feel it is true to the tradition of musical accompaniment to silent films and also to our own diverse backgrounds in many different music including folk and jazz. Its a great film and we try to ensure that the music score matches up with the on screen action which is always at the centre of things. There are also many improvised elements in the performance which ensure that each performance will be unique, enjoyable and hopefully memorable.

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